Another Mine


Another Mine is a minesweeper "clone" for Mac OS X written in Cocoa. I wrote it because I thought it would be simple enough to do and because I wanted to learn a bit about Objective-C and the Cocoa API, that and I did not like any of the (many) others out there.

To download the latest copy of Another Mine (0.9.11) please click here (.zip).

Please send any comments you may have to . Note though that the application is under development and I will not be held liable for any damage it may cause.

Thanks for trying Another Mine.


29-10-10: Release 0.9.11

05-10-10: Release 0.9.10

14-09-10: Release 0.9.9

13-09-10: Release 0.9.8

20-12-09: Release 0.9.6

09-03-09: Release 0.9.5

01-06-08: Release 0.9.4

16-03-08: Release 0.9.2

06-03-08: Release 0.9.0 (first public)



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